What's Join the Dots?

Cyberspace is YOUR SPACE but we know that there are ‘creepers’ and ‘trolls’ out there that target young people like you online.
Join the Dots is a private reporting tool that lets you take charge and help protect your space.  SEE PRESS RELEASE HERE.

Why use it?

By being the eyes and ears and telling us, you can help protect others from the ‘creepers’ who troll through your space. 
We know you may not want to talk to the police, so we created Join the Dots to help you share the info that they need to help keep an eye on your space and keep you and young people around you safe.
You might think what happened was no big deal, that police can’t do anything or you might not want to get involved with the police, but sometimes the info you have is just one piece of a bigger picture and can help to protect other younger kids.
That’s why we came up with the idea for Join the Dots – to give you a safe space to share the info you have with those who can do something about it. 
What you can do to help?
By taking part in Join the Dots you are able to play an important role in protecting other young people online. You will be sending the info to us here at Bravehearts and we will share this with the police. You can stay anonymous if you want to, the idea behind Join the Dots is to give you a safe space to share the info you have.

Please fill out as much info as you can. Remember that you can still complete the form even if you do not have all of the info – it's all about ‘joining the dots’:
Join the Dots has been created in collaboration with Task Force Argos, Queensland Police

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General Information

The decision on whether or not you would like to be contacted about this information is completely up to you. Please choose one of the options below. *

I am happy for the police to contact me directly (if you select this choice we will forward your contact details to the police). Please provide your contact details below.
I wish to be contacted only through Bravehearts (If you select this choice, any details you supply below will be kept securely by Bravehearts and "we" will contact you if the police ask for more information. None of your details will be shared with police without your permission).
I do not wish to provide my name or contact details (If you select this choice, but at a later date would like to speak to police, you can contact Bravehearts on 1800 272 831 for advice)

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Do you have any screenshots that could be useful?

Do you have any screenshots that could be useful for police?

Allowed File Types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, zip, pdf

Tell us about the person you have concerns about

For us to be able to 'join the dots' we need as much information as you can provide about the person you have concerns about:

What is the screen name or tag of the person you have concerns about:
If they have any other screen names or tags you know about, what are they?:
Do you know any other online identifiers for this person (for example, their e-mail address or Facebook page):
Their real name, if you know it:
If you know where they live or any contact numbers, please provide as much detail as you know:
Is there any other information about this person you think might help:

Tell us about what happened

Please provide as much information as you can about what happened that made you feel concerned:

Where did the incident occur, was it on a social networking site or an app? Which one/s?:
What type of device were you using when the incident occurred?:
In your own words, tell us as much as you can about what happened or what you are concerned about:
What State or Territory were you in when this happened? (this may help us know which State police we need to forward the information to): *
How old were you when this happened?: *

Do you want to talk to someone?

If you would like to talk to someone about how you feel about what happened or your concerns, please know that Bravehearts has a specialised support team who are here for you. We can be contacted on 1800 272 831 (free call). You can also contact Headspace on 1800 650 890 (www.headspace.org.au) or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. If you are in immediate danger please phone 000.