Hetty JohnstonHetty Johnston

Founder and Executive Director of Bravehearts Inc.
A born lobbyist, Hetty is a woman of passion and determination who has succeeded in highlighting the issue of pedophilia within media, families, schools and the general community both nationally and internationally.

In 2005, Hetty was announced as a finalist for the 2006 Australian of the Year Awards – she is the recipient of two Australian Lawyers Alliance Civil Justice Awards (2003,2004) and was named a finalist in the 2008 Suncorp Queenslander of the Year Awards.

In early 2009, Hetty was recognised as one of approximately 70 outstanding leaders throughout the world, receiving the prestigious annual Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership award.  
Since establishing Bravehearts in 1997, Hetty has:
  • Chaired the Queensland Child Protection Week Committee,
  • Held a position on the Board of NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect),
  • Held a position on the Board with ASCA (Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse),
  • Sat as Chair for the Endeavour Foundation's ‘Abuse Prevention and Response Committee',
  • Is a participant on the Federal Government's Working Party on a ‘National Approach to Child Protection';
  • and currently sits on the Federal Governments working party on Cyber-Safety.

Hetty is a sought-after speaker at Local, State, Federal and International levels. In 2010, Hetty was a keynote speaker at the International Virtual Global Taskforce Conference hosted by the Australian Federal Police in Sydney.

Hetty is consistently sought by media for commentary on issues pertaining to child protection, and has been the subject of personal profiles in many print media, talk back radio and television documentaries such as ABC's Australian Story.

Hetty works with government and non-government agencies on legislative reform, submissions, lobbying and research to improve child protection and political accountability in Australia.
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