Court Support

For survivors of child sexual assault required to testify in the criminal court, the thought of appearing as a witness can be a daunting prospect.  While there are special witness provisions in place, the court experience is often re-traumatising for many survivors of child sexual assault.  For many victims, having someone provide support through this process is invaluable. Court Support can provide emotional security and strength to victims.
Bravehearts has established a volunteer-based court support program for adult survivors,  providing specialised and trusted support throughout the process.
Bravehearts Court Support volunteers have received specialist training to:
  • Provide information to the adult survivor about criminal or civil court proceedings (not legal advice).
  • Support adult survivors in making disclosures and/or statement to the police.
  • Accompany adult survivors to pre-court conferences and to court-related meetings.
  • Prepare adult survivors for the court process.
  • Support the adult survivor during his/her waiting time in the court building.
  • Accompany the adult survivor whilst they give evidence.
  • Maintain appropriate contact with adult survivor through the process.
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for the adult survivor to debrief (emotional support, not therapeutic support).
  • Provide appropriate referrals.
If you would like more information, please download our brochure here or contact us for more information.
Please Note:
Specialised court support for children and young people is provided through PACT-