Freecall the Bravehearts Information and Support Line
1800 BRAVE 1 (1800 272 831) between 8am and 8pm (AEST) Monday to Friday
The Bravehearts national information and support line can be accessed by anyone wanting information or support regarding child sexual assault, including but not limited to parents, carers, adult survivors and professionals such as teachers, guidance officers, doctors and psychologists.
Services provided include:  
  • Information and support;
  • Advice and referral;
  • Support for professionals working with children;
  • Guidance around reporting disclosures;
  • Information on normal and problematic sexual behaviour; and
  • Teaching personal safety.   


The Bravehearts Advocacy service was established in order to support families and individuals who have been impacted by sexual assault.  The purpose of this service is to provide general advice and guidance in relation to a number of key issues.  Specifically, Bravehearts Advocacy Service aims to:
  • Support our therapists in providing for the advocacy needs of their clients;  
  • Provide advice to and advocate on behalf of survivors of childhood sexual assault;
  • Support families and survivors through the system, including but not limited to support in disclosing sexual assault to relevant authorities and court support (limited availability);
  • Pursuing appropriate Government and Community channels to assist families and survivors in the resolution of their concerns or experienced problems;
  • Identifying systematic issues to be lobbied and advocated for;
  • Utilise specialised knowledge regarding legal avenues to give families and survivors realistic and accurate advice about matters for which they have sought assistance.  Please note that Bravehearts does not provide legal support or specialist legal advice.  This must be sought from a solicitor or legal professional.  
  • Network across various agencies (case management) to assist families and survivors in the resolution of their concerns.
To arrange an advocacy telephone appointment, please contact our Bravehearts Information and Support Line to discuss your needs on 1800 BRAVE 1 (1800 272 831) or alternatively, contact us via email.