Thank you for choosing to support Bravehearts Inc. Bravehearts relies heavily on the support of the community to help raise awareness and funds to continue our work to educate, empower and protect Australia's children.
Fundraising is a fun and rewarding way for individuals, clubs, schools, community groups and workplaces to support the vital work of Bravehearts Inc. and we are happy to provide you with the tools, resources and materials you need to hold a successful fundraising event or activity.
Our fundraising kit contains everything you need to know to get started including guidelines, activity suggestions and information about your responsibilities as a fundraiser.
Here are a few simple steps on how to organise a fundraising event:
Step 1: Get Started!
Bravehearts can provide the following to help you on your fundraising journey:
  • General advice and tips to help make your event a success;
  • Promotion of your event on our website, social networking sites and/or our e-newsletter;
  • Bravehearts Community Fundraiser Kit with PR tips, donation tally sheets, ideas and resources to assist you with your event;
  • Letter of Consent to Fundraise;
  • Use of the Bravehearts Inc. logo (if requested);
  • Tax receipts for donors;
  • A Certificate of Appreciation and letter of thanks upon completion of your event or activity.
Step 2: Read Our Fundraising Guidelines
It is important that you read the Bravehearts Inc. Fundraising Guidelines before you commence any fundraising event as it contains important information including fundraising rules and regulations.
Click here to download the Bravehearts Fundraising Guidelines.
Step 3: Register Your Event
Once you have read the Fundraising Guidelines, please complete and submit your Application to Fundraise.   
Registering your event allows us to create an accurate events calendar so we can promote your event/activity on our social networks, website and/or e-newsletter.
Click here to see upcoming Bravehearts events.
Step 4: Take Action!
Once we have received your completed fundraising proposal application we will send you our Community Fundraising Kit with your approval letter to help get you started. This kit includes tips, donation tally forms, publicity ideas, PR templates and more! Should you need more information or materials to assist with your event, please be sure to fill out the appropriate section in the Application to Fundraise and we are happy to arrange.
Step 5:  Become an Everyday Hero
You may wish to create a fundraising page using Everyday Hero - this online fundraising website is a great way to promote your event via the internet! Benefits to creating an Everyday Hero page are :
  • You can automatically include information about Bravehearts' work;
  • You can refer your friends, family and contacts to your page to donate directly;
  • Your supporters will automatically receive a thank you message from Bravehearts;
  • Receipts are automatically generated for anyone who donates to your page.
For any further enquiries regarding fundraising for Bravehearts, please feel free to contact Anj in our Community Engagement Team on (07) 5552 3018 or email