A gift through your estate ensures that your commitment to ending child sexual assault will continue beyond your lifetime, having a lasting impact on the children of Australia.  
Your legacy to Bravehearts will help us to continue to provide vital counselling, education and advocacy services and to continue to pursue our goal of making Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. 
Whatever the amount, your future support is truly valuable.
Our goal is to continue to make a difference and with the help of future legacies from supporters such as yourself, we will continue to see children benefit from the tireless work of Bravehearts.   Take this opportunity to make your voice heard long after you have left. 
Leaving a bequest to Bravehearts is simple.  Whether you already have a Will or not, here is a brief summary of what needs to be done to include Bravehearts in your wishes:
If You Have Already Made a Will
You can make a simple addition to your existing Will, this is called a codicil and is an easy way to include Bravehearts without having to re-write your Will.
A codicil is an instruction or amendment to your existing Will.  It is a legal document and must be signed and witnessed by two people.   To include Bravehearts as an additional bequest to your current Will, simply add Bravehearts as a beneficiary, suggested wording is below.
Please discuss any changes to your Will with your Solicitor, they will ensure your Will is valid and that your intentions are clear and legally stated. 
If You Have Not Made a Will
Bequests come from all corners of society and are not necessarily left by the very wealthy, but by people who want to support a great cause thereby leaving the world a better place.
When you make a bequest in your Will, you make a difference!  There are several ways to leave a bequest in your Will:
  • Residuary of your estate - you can choose to leave the remainder of your estate once you have provided for your loved ones.
  • You can choose to leave a share of your estate by specifying a percentage.
  • Pecuniary gift - you can choose to give a gift of a specified amount of money.
Suggested Wording for Your Bequest Gift
You are strongly advised to see a Solicitor who can assist you to draw up your bequest correctly.
I give, free of all duties and taxes:
(   )  The whole of my estate; or
(   )  ______% of my estate; or
(   )  The residue of my estate (or ___% of the residue of my estate); or
(   )  The sum of $ _____________ ; or
(   )  My units/shares in ___________________ Trust/Ltd, or
(   )  My real property situated at [insert street address] having the title reference  ______________ ,
to Bravehearts Inc., (ABN 41 496 913 890), PO Box 575, Arundel BC, QLD 4214

and I direct that the receipt of an Executive Officer of Bravehearts Inc. shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for the bequest.
Download brochure for more information.

A Word of Thanks

Your promise of future support for Bravehearts is deeply appreciated.  A bequest is one of the most effective ways for you to continue to make a difference in child protection.  If you have included a bequest to Bravehearts in your Will, please let us know.  We would love the opportunity to thank you personally for this legacy of support.
The information you provide will remain strictly confidential.  At all times your privacy will be fully respected.