Workplace Giving

Not everyone has the time to volunteer or fundraise for Bravehearts - however there is still a direct way for you to contribute to our cause!
Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way to show your support for Bravehearts' Vision.  The security of receiving regular donations through Workplace Giving helps us to plan ahead and encourages a sustainable future for our localised programs and services.
When an individual makes a donation it generally comes from their taxed income.  However, Workplace Giving allows employees to make direct, pre-tax donations to Bravehearts from their gross salary.  This system makes the process easier for all parties. The donor receives a tax benefit every time a donation is made and employees don't have to keep tax receipts, as all donation deductions are recorded on the annual Tax Payment Summary issued at the end of the financial year.  By not issuing individual receipts, Bravehearts also saves money that can be used to help more children.
Giving provides employees with a simple, ongoing, tax deductible way to donate to Bravehearts Inc.
You can choose to support us at a local or state-wide level or invest in our national campaigns which address the 'big issues' such as our National Crisis Line, research and lobbying for legislative changes that prioritises the best interests and safety of children.
Whatever you choose your contribution will make a difference in the life of a child.