We  encourage parents to be involved in Bravehearts' protective behaviour education process, as parents play a vital role in both reinforcing and supporting key safety messages at home. 
Emphasis is placed on reinforcement and the consistent use of language and how important these elements are for younger children to retain the key messages of the show. 
Part of Bravehearts' education plan includes Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure Show which is a live presentation delivered to schools and childcare centres  by education teams and the lovable Ditto character himself.
Although many of the shows are presented as part of a school or day care centre's schedule, we encourage and recommend parents to be involved in the Bravehearts' education process. Parents are always more than welcome to attend the 'Ditto Show.'
Ask your child to show you their Ditto Activity Book they receive after attending the show. We strongly suggest that parents explore and discuss the key safety messages with their children.

Click here to download the PDF guide to gain information and support on using the Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show DVD.  Includes helpful activities, background information, support and guidance and the content of the show.

Bravehearts education plan now also includes an education pack called Ditto in a Box that aims to reinforce the protective behavour strategies presented in Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure Show.  See the clip below to watch a short presentation on how Ditto in a Box educates young children on how to keep safe.