Education Resources

Bravehearts' Education and Prevention stream consists of the following programs and resources:
The purpose of 'Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure Show' is to teach children personal safety in a non-confrontational, fun and engaging fashion.  Bravehearts' Education Teams deliver the show's messages into schools, day care centres, shopping centres, sporting clubs and other facilities (relating to the care of children) to provide students, parents, teachers, carers and the general community with specialised child sexual assault awareness and education.  
'Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure' Education Program aims to continue communicating essential personal safety messages and works tirelessly to reach children across Australia.  Since reaching the 200,000 safer kids milestone in March 2012, the amount of children that have seen Ditto continues to grow.  Bravehearts looks forward to celebrating further milestones that provide personal safety messages to a wider audience and support children with the key objectives for their personal safety education.
The show's main contents address:
  • Yes and No Feelings
  • Warning Signs
  • Scared and Yucky Feelings
  • Private Parts and Privacy
  • It's OK to say NO if you don't feel safe
  • What to do if you feel unsafe or unsure
In addition to the performance and to continue communicating Ditto's personal safety messages, the team also provides an Activity Book for each student to take home and share with parents and carers. 
Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show has been aligned to the Australian National Curriculum ‘Health & Physical Education’ objectives.
Click here to open the curriculum mapping table that has been designed to support planning and subject coverage.
Bravehearts, the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services and the Telstra Foundation have produced an interactive CD Rom to provide a safe and fun medium that continues to communicate Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure messages.  
The CD Rom teaches children how to recognise potentially dangerous situations and gives advice on how to deal with them.  This resource is the result of extensive consultation with child protection specialists and government agencies from across the nation and has been presented in a fun, easy and informative style for children.
The Bravehearts Activity Book provides a selection of  games and activities that aim  to teach younger children personal safety and continue to communicate the core messages presented in the Ditto Show.
'Ditto in a Box' is Bravehearts' latest release that provides an education program including components for both teachers and students relating to teaching and learning personal safety.  The contents include an extensive teacher's guide containing support notes with a view to provide some professional development in child protection, reporting guidelines and background information from our team of specialists.  In addition, the components for the students use music, posters and interactive activities to teach personal safety to younger children.
'Ditto in a Box' can be used independently as a personal safety teaching resource or as a means to directly align and consolidate the messages communicated in the 'Ditto Show'  for lower primary students.
Ditto in a Box has been aligned to the Australian National Curriculum ‘Health & Physical Education’ objectives.
Click here to open the curriculum mapping table that has been designed to support planning and subject coverage.
Bravehearts CD contains songs from the 'Ditto Show' that effectively communicate the personal safety messages in an engaging style.  Following the new release of  the 'Ditto in a Box' Education Pack, there will be a new version of the 'Keep Safe' songs.  Watch this space for further updates for the new release.
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Student Personal Safety and Professional Development
In addition to our school-based education program and associated multimedia products for kids, Bravehearts runs 'Supporting Hands'  workshops for parent groups and all those working with children.
The workshops focus on:
  • Facts and stats
  • Definitions
  • Indicators of harm
  • How to respond to disclosed or suspected harm
  • Organisational and legislative requirements
  • How to ensure organisations are 'child-protection friendly'
  • Effective risk management for your organisation
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Alternatively, to book any of our programs, please contact us or download an expression of interest form and fax back to your nearest Bravehearts office.