Research and Lobbying

Research into the issue of child sexual assault is a vital component of Bravehearts work in advocating for effective system and legislative changes to promote the safety and protection of our children and communities.
Through ensuring that the voices and rights of children and victims are included in the debate and development of community and government responses to child sexual assault, Bravehearts believes that we can more effectively respond to, and ultimately prevent and reduce the incidence of child sexual assault.
Bravehearts’ Research Department is dedicated to:
·         Keeping abreast of current research and statistics.
·         Developing position papers to support our lobbying and reform agenda.
·         Conducting independent research.
·         Working in collaboration with other research bodies and universities.
·         Preparing submissions in response to Inquiries and Reviews.
·         Publishing Bravehearts’ research internally and externally.
The Bravehearts research department is supported by our Executive Advisory Board. Made up of experts across a range of related areas, the Board plays an integral role in Bravehearts work at a local, national and international level. For a full list of our Executive Advisory Board click here.
The following links provide further information and our work in this area:
Bravehearts’ Research Policy is designed to outline the principles adopted by Bravehearts to ensure the ethical conduct of its research. To read our Research Policy, please click here.