Teachers and Principals play an integral role in the child protection process.
Our educational material has been produced in consultation with experts from both child protection and education sectors to develop non-confrontational educational resources that engage children. Our resources teach children to:
  • Differentiate when they feel good or bad about a situation
  • Respect the right for everyone to feel safe
  • Recognise when they feel unsafe or unsure
  • Recognise and identify what parts of the body are private
  • It's ok to say no if you feel unsafe or feel unsure
  • Secrets and what to do if you feel unsafe or unsure
  • Talk about their 'no' and 'unsure' feelings with a trusted adult, even if it's yucky
  • Identify a safe network of people to talk to
An essential part of our program encourages children to speak to someone they trust when they feel unsafe or unsure. Our education resources also coach and guide children to develop their own support network containing safe people to contact.
Whilst children are at school, teachers and principals will fill part of this support network role and following disclosure from a child, the school policy and state legislation begins to facilitate the correct action to ensure the safety of the child.
To assist and support school staff with this process, we have included material in our latest education pack release for child care and lower primary titled Ditto in a Box.  This new resource supports;
  • What to do if a child tells me they have been harmed
  • Compiling disclosure reports
  • What is mandatory reporting and how does it impact upon me?
  • How can I help prevent child sexual assault?
  • Looking after you
A summary of our resources including the Student Personal Safety and Professional Development Workshop and 'Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure' program are all available here.

Click here to download the PDF guide to gain information and support on using the Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show DVD.  Includes follow-up worksheets, background information, support and guidance, mandatory reporting guidelines and reference to curriculum.

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Please see the clip below to gain an overview of the new Ditto in a Box education tool.  It explains the learning objectives and how it maps to the curriculum for schools and childcare centres.